4 thoughts on “What Was Reveiled Today Will Truly Shed Light On More Than One Subject

  1. Deep. Heather your really Clever. U done the best thing here by having ur own website, Very wise dude. I’m Like u. I am working in the building as well. 26 years. I’m one of the best Mastic Men I know of.

    Keep rolling ur Pretty Kool, Iv’e been with u from pretty much the start of ur YT channel. Actually when I found u, U had 2 subscribers. Ur really nice lady & my mother likes u too

    Thanks For all u do. Take care spud

  2. Wow. You really opened my eyes to what’s all around, in front and behind us. I’ve never been a believer in religion but, you’ve shook me with this, and deep down i want it to be everything you see. I know there is a creator but i just don’t know enough and now i want to know more. Thank you for sharing this enlightening moment. Peace and Love.

    1. You don’t have to adhere to a religion to know that we are not just a meatsuit 🙂 We are the extension of the first creator and have free will as we are the spirit made flesh. Like people having children. We have our creators genetic code so that we are never seperate. This is why the slave masters want to cut our connection. We are creators and the cabal want to cut our powerline.

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