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Around 2007 I noticed the airosol spraying of chemtrails lingering in the skies. Instead of dissapating, they lingered until they merged to finally cover the sky, effectivly blocking the sun and stars at night. I photographed them for years while trying to teach people about the ongoing geoengineering of our skies. Using Fake-book was useless as they were blocking undesired information early on.

I also suffered depression one winter and figured out how to juice myself into perfect health physically and mentally. So using Facebook did help me in my initial search for truth.

I then moved from the coastline to a ground level apartment that I bought. After 6 months I noticed that I wasn’t dreaming anymore and woke up puffy and tired. I suffered headaches which I have never had before and was becomming forgetful and confused. I don’t know how….but I just started searching and immediatley found EMF and someone online in sweden who sold meters. After receiving the cornet electrosmog meter, I called the company. I was told that The levels I was living in were off the charts and needed to leave that place directly.

After trying to do the right thing by calling involved authorities, I realised that They were not going to rectify the problem. The cellar beneath my apartment bedroom had All the smartmeters and all the major cables for electricity and cables ran through my bedroom to the whole apartment building. Three stories high and 27 apartments. I asked the universe to send a buyer who was dying…and thats what happend.

I bought a home in the country and Three years ago I started a youtube channel. I had much to share from a lifetime of experiences and years of looking into how all the ongoing problems are connected to the same sources. Now our freedom of speach is censored and information is being hidden ,Revised or just removed. So I started this blog and website for all to use in their own search for the truth about the the world we are in.

There are many topics and equally as important as the health and warfare part, is that our History is much more beautiful and different then what we have been told. The history and so called science we have today is a blatent lie! As is what they discribe our Plane-t (terra) to be. We are restricted from moving about because the globalist cabal are hiding both land and the true plane of where we live. Nasa ( never a straight answere) is a military operation and we do not leave here from a space rocket. There are more worlds and the doors to these are blocked by every nations military agreements and soldiers (Sold-To-Die-Ers).

The true North pole is erased from the world maps as well as the south pole (outer rim of our Flat Taurus feild enclosed system. The entrace ways are blocked by an ice wall in the south and military. Nato is the new world army and were headed for world dominence by phychopaths unless we wake more people to whats been planned for centuries.

Please do your own research and use the information you find here to help you navigate the web and find your own truths.

Question everything and enjoy the jouney you are on with the others that are happy to join you in your quest. Where everything in the movies was telling truths and you are now living in Narnia as you have opend one of the secret doors to a rediscovery of ancient knowlege and true alchemy. The universe is sound and vibration. So are we.

Your spirit has wings that were meant to soar…     Heather Thunderhawk

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