2 thoughts on “Тhе Verkhoturye Prophecies – The NewTimes and the EndTimes Part 31

  1. Emergency broadcasting system will be used to send a signal through the smartphones that will literally turn vaccinated people into “zombies” and no longer have their own will. I’ve “seen” it.
    Governments gives unlimited power to tap and check everything from the internet without giving any reason, they can do that because of the so-called war with Russia. Russian banks are switching to Chinese credit system because Visa and Mastercard, etc., again sever all ties with Russia due to the so-called war. Putin belongs to the WEF, he plays this part because now almost all of Europe is going to accelerate to drive the basic income through because everything is so expensive that everything stops. This income is also based on China’s social credit system. Everything is being done just like after 9-11 but now 100 times worse. So the game seems over and everyone and the WEF plan seems unstoppable,

    1. It’s all going according to plan. But we know also that there is an end to this system that has enslaved people for the longest time.

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