4 thoughts on “We Are Blue Luminous Discharge Transmitting Aerial At High Voltage

  1. Hey Heather Great video, not sure how you got that photo but it is Awesome. Interesting how you say Darpa wants our energy, a guy Anton Petrov
    is on YT contacted me a while back, he wanted me to perform experiments to make the Orbs leave the room or be repelled. He believes aliens are harnessing our energy while we sleep the Orbs take it from us. Needless to say I neglected to follow through on the experiments as I know they are Angelic and protectors. Experiments like a chant or putting mirrors on all walls or using a Pentagram,
    Your message in the video rings loud and clear to me, we are more than we know for sure.
    Paul (Orb Whisperer:)

    1. I love what you do Paul and the orbs are the part of the workings of our world. They are not alien or successes. I bet they even give us energy. But like attracts like and those who feel that they are bad probably attract what they give off themselves. The energies read us and if we have a mental thought of them they will communicate by matching that thought. They can only read what we feel and think.

  2. Oh Darn forgot,
    I filmed an odd thing back in May, can I send the clip to you? how? I kept to myself as so weird, I need someone to see and give an opinion.
    P.S have you heard from Plasma Plasma at all? seems he disappeared?

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