4 thoughts on “This week in Midgard- oct 12 2021

  1. Great video heather,I would recommend richplanet .com his latest I think as an overview on the pandemic nonsense,he shows the big picture and it’s not good,along with what you have been saying,things are coming to climax,much love and kindness 🙏❤️👏

  2. oops, ‘wordpress’ doesn’t recognise my email address, tinfoilhatter@mail.com
    i reckon i’ll have to see what i can do about that…there must be a way to get around their stumbling blocks, they don’t scare me, see?
    the so-called ‘vaccines’ don’t exactly scare us either, but i am a little worried about the people who wouldn’t listen to us, and then they went and got themselves jabb’d…they really wouldabeen better off not doin’ that…but it’ll be alright, i know there’s ways to get around their poisoning-scare-tactics…but the poisoning, don’t come for free… always, there’s a price to be paid, haha..they better be tough, while we figure this out!
    oops, so you’ve made a video here, eh? i better review this before you tube or this ‘word press’ decides to censor it, yeah? thanks for lettin’ us know!! better late than never, i guess! i trust you’re doin’ alright! i love the hat! looks pretty tough! the ‘word press’ sounds a little restrictive, but we’re not so easily discouraged! nice try, info-restrictors, info-constrictors! you’ll need to do a little better than that to scare the likes of ourselves away, see? heather’s not someone you wanna cross the wrong way, obviously! she’s got friends in lo-places and elsewhere, you’d better believe!

  3. oops, hey did it work, that was fun , trying to enable some ‘jabba script’ which i’m pretty sure i did, like nine years ago but hey, let’s pretend we never did anything, that’s always fun…. now, those videos..! hey, is this thing on? good to see ya tho! you look great!!

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