8 thoughts on “The answer nobody wants to hear

  1. It’s so refreshing to listen to someone who thinks like myself almost exactly, I will tell ya, I almost feel like they have destroyed our earth via cern and when they did it was replaced with an Almost identical earth but slightly different and some people got caught in a void and were part of this new earth and some of us didn’t get effected but we see the difference and know there is something very wrong, this is all speculation but I will say the reason we as a race are in this situation is due to the advancement of technologies, and the Rulers use technologies against people that’s what they are doing now and it is working, the tv is weaponized the pocket phones are weaponized (I have never owned one)_I have seen smart people get caught it in all of todays lies, there hypnotized watching TV, using their pocket phones and just bend over and say Okay instead of NO.

    1. Yeah…I too feel like I woke up in a different version of the earth in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Geezeus

  2. Forgot to mention Good Luck with the welding it’s a blast I know stick welding and this year have bought a mig welder and a tig welder, the tig I am unable to use until I upgrade the electrical service it requires 115Amps but I want like yourself to learn more processes with welding, mainly aluminum and stainless steel, I will be self teaching myself as the tech school is loaded with (maybe now 5g) frequencies I want to avoid.
    Have Fun

    1. Sounds fun. I am not sure I can continue the education either. I felt sickish after getting home from just welding a few hours. The EMF is making me feel dazed and headache. I guess I will have to go back to being a building painter. I am so upset. Wifry is everywhere and I can’t work in most areas or industries because of it. People just don’t hook shit up with cables…unless they are the CEO’s of tech companies because they know how harmful this shit is.

  3. Amendment: just wanted to correct the fact that my comment above (as short as it was), was actually meant to land under “This Week in Midgard”… Don’t know how the mixup happened.

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