4 thoughts on “Sunblocking us during Winter and all year around is a war on all life

  1. Great stuff as i mentioned on Bitchute, this world is not what we see and feel. It is more if we are in or on the so called hell, invaded a long time ago by some other species who think of us as cattle and therefore meat from diffrent layers of our “existence.” A long time ago the earth was spinning the other way around and people were wise and all was good untill a planet (or whatever) came close by and the earth stopped and then began to spin the other way. After that we became backwards, and it looks like that happened and now we are trapped in a vicious circle and a short life span.

    1. I agree with you. I am now going to upload a talk i just made on this very thing. We all ask ourselves ” but what can I do?” and it is this….we stand true to what we know and never give in. We are forever beings and they cannot enslave us.We do it for those who come after us. We are the planted tree that will bear fruit later on <3

  2. hi Heather in cali. east bay today radio warned us that there will be ice caps on the hills. huh, that is a first here. first stormy christmas I recall too, keep everyone indoors while they knock off the homeless and animals and birds and trees and soil and watersheds. …
    you have excellent info for people to hear and take action by. thank you for shining out among such dark times.
    a warm hug coming your way from me! take care

    1. Thank You for the comment and kind words. There is a new social media site instead of FB that I have found by an Australian fighter. Australian national review has made Truthbook.social. Stay strong and connected. we win in the end and the end will come soon so we can rebuild a free society where all have what they need to be soverighn 🙂

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