2 thoughts on “The Prophets of Bulgaria about the The NewTimes and the EndTimes Part 29

  1. We know there is more to life then what we are experiencing right now, we are surrounded by other lifeforms/parallel “worlds” or how you want to call it. In a way it is good to know that this is’nt all there is, otherwise it would be a huge waste of time and energy just being here. Somewhere we made the wrong turn or did we choose to be here in this time, i doubt that now. Remembering past lives was not hard to do, remembering why i choosed to come back is harder. You are still trying to get people on the right track Heather, i have given up that ordeal. When the corrupt governments (ruled by demonic forces) say wear a facemask people do it right away, 2 years of trying to let others see it is not right to wear these things or take the Dna changing demonic/alien substance jab did not work. People did it, now governments said you don’t have to wear masks and everybody has taken them off. But now i understand more about the Alien abductiond and cattle mutilations, “they” were creating the jab to create the new “human” for their own species survival. It’s a mad mad world, but as you said, maybe it is the only way to go and maybe it was always the way of this world. Keep it up, i like your content and it feel’s good to know there are people like you who can see things as they are.

    1. Thank you for speaking how you feel . It is so important in these times when everyone is censored <3

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