5 thoughts on “The B-Movie continues

  1. and even when it does effect them they still wont do anything about it unless they are getting something in return like a pay check or something that they enjoy. they mean nothing to me now, i really cared about everyone before but not anymore they are not worth my energy, I don’t enjoy being this way but it’s the truth. Good Knight

  2. actually i really love who you are. i think you are courageous. I dunno what the fuck is wrong with other people who think the same as i do & type nothing.

  3. Hi,

    They wouldn’t have been able to carry this conjob off if it wasn’t for smart phones and the internet. We need to go back to landline phones and snail mail. By the way, it looks like Ole’s site is up again.

    I watched the walk and talk you did and how those pair of cretins are destroying your woods and really felt your pain. It’s happening everywhere, these demons hate nature and anything natural don’t they. My heart feels heavy when I think about the animals and birds.

    Have you considered buying a place in another country? I’m not sure how this couple did it but they went off grid in the Canadian rainforest – British Columbia. They have their own wells and are surrounded by pine trees along with so much beautiful nature. Here’s the link to their series: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hscrNl67jOA

    Same as you and many others, I’m concerned about my future. Although we understand all that’s happening, I’ve realised how much it’s still affected us – we’re still traumatised by it all. Hope you can try and stay positive, best wishes, Rachel.

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