2 thoughts on “The Deliberate Sexualization Of Children

  1. I can not wrap my head arfound the fact that so many teachers are going along with this filth, pure satanic filth. They all must be child “lovers” and getting sexually aroused by letting children watch this. I don’t understand parents who are condoning this, there must be something wrong with lots of people these days. It was bad enough parents condone their kids to wear that facemasks and letting them get vaccinated against that fake killervirus. I’ve been talking to parents about all of this and it seems like they are all brainwashed. It’s became a sick society around the globe Heather, i can only hope for a better outcome but i don’t see it happen.

    1. watch the 70’s movie 2Brave new world” or read Adulus Huxlys book Brave New world. It is scary and right on point of where we are now. Hugs

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