3 thoughts on “Walk & Talk Sept 19 ;))

  1. Thanks Heather.
    It is getting weird for sure and I’m finding it a bit distressing if I’m honest. But one thing the last couple of years has shown, it’s definitely a spiritual battle. Course, I’ve known this for many years, but even a few who were asleep in my family, have been roused since the start of the BS. I even had my brother-in-law break down and cry in front of me at the start of this because he was suddenly able to understand what me and my sister have been going through this last 10-15 years of being in truth (when he would not listen).
    God bless you Heather for your work in helping to wake people up, I may not comment often, however, I do try to watch as much as possible x

    1. Hi lovely Heather, I love you! Thanks for shining through xo I hear you and think of you often.
      At the end that bird flying through the forest made of leaves was inspiring. See you soon!! 💞✨🥰

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