7 thoughts on “I Filmed What We Call Stars And Am Showing What I Found As Well As Moon And Objects

  1. That is awsome! May I ask what setings you use on your P900? I tried to film with mine but everything comes out blurry. Thanks, if you have the time.

    1. I had it on auto when I filmed. But you have to have a camera stand. And it’s hard for the camera to lock in on the object without blurrying it. You can also try to have it on night setting. Just keep at it. I try to zoom in first and then hit record button.

  2. Incredible footage! Thankyou. I don’t believe in coincidences. Last night before bed I looked up to do a sky check as I often do & I saw one that is the same/similar as your Orange triangle, doing little jumps around. Morphing, wobbling . I don’t have equipment or cameras like you do, best I could do was grab my binoculars. But yes, I’d say if I could’ve zoomed in, it’s the same type of plasma energy/mass as you have here. Then hours later, without consciously seeking out anything related to what I saw…I was led to your website for the first time. As for all the other sky anomalies..to put it mildly! you have here…Amazing!

    1. Thank You for sharing your experience ūüôā All you need is a camera with a decent zoom. I filmed my first stars with a cannon sx50. Canon are great cameras.

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