Fire Captain John Lord

Supposedly Shelly ( interviews with people on ongoing agendas)

Marty Leeds33  ( covers many subjects including decoding with gematria)

Weather Modification History

Mike Morales (weather Warfare)

Above Ground World News ( mike morales )

Anthony Steeley (5G expert)

matt landman (5G,Fleuride and more)

SWEBB Tv (independint swedish Tv in swedish that talks uncensored. IN SWEDISH)

Cabin Talk ( She interviews people and shares solutions while covering many topics)

Ole Dammegård -Light on conperacies. ( Revealing the Agenda)

Jason Liosatos-outside the box ( interviews important people on many subjects) (covers all the agendas with documents and videos)

Stop Thecrime Youtube channel

Santos Bonacci ( decoding everything astrologically and bibliclly )
The vinny eastwood show ( amazing interviews)
The Highwire (alternativ newsnetwork on health)

Martin Liedke (showing alternativ history)

Jon Levi ( lost history)

Newearth (hidden history in plain sight)

JayDreamerZ (mudfossil theory to titans and more)

Tabu (towards a better understanding) Jamie Lee

Nexrad Live map8 You can choose states and areas to see closups of the frequency warfare)

Another Nexrad live map ( watch the storms being created and the weather being directed)

Tom Frazier  interdimensional vids

For the love of truth

Mark Passio (What on earth is happening)