4 thoughts on “Jan 1st 2021 I asked the Light beings orbs and Mists to join me

  1. Hi Heather
    Beautiful video!
    Happy to have found you.
    Been watching for awhile .
    lLove all your stuff.
    Keep it up stay strong and true!
    Thanks Dennis from Canada

  2. Oh, so glad you asked your friends in again! I love them and the corona one reminds me of big Bertha from grateful dead, she’s in a rose crown. I was doing some orb looking in my bedrm. w/a flashlight and I saw some trippy goings on right at the end of the light. Thought it was the matrix in a different form. It got my attention. It gets busy in there at times. I watched all the recent items you did. Had me going. Keep going seize the day! Tea helps. Take care 😉 g’nite

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